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Retire Who wants to live to 100? A 99 year-old! Retirement can be 30+ years, so pensions need to last.  UK now has 15,000 centenarians, eligible for a 100th Birthday card from the Queen, following a Royal tradition since 1917 Guessed the Word?         Series 30 (3/4)         [pic: Buckingham Palace]

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Residency A residency is a lucrative way for pop stars to find new  fans.Downloads/ streaming decimate royalties, but touring tires both artistes & fans.  Old hits have never been so valuable, but only if performed live. Las Vegas leads in breathing new life into fading careers – be the talk of the town & sleep in…

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  Immersion training Live action role playing teaches vital 21st century skills – creative thinking, problem-solving, collaboration & communication. Better than rote learning & fact retention now we have unprecedented access to information? Guessed the word?  Series 3 (2/7)  [photo: luispepunto]