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Loan shark Beware lenders using the words  “cash advance” instead of “loan” in documents.  This is designed to avoid usury laws and licensing requirements.  Consumer laws protect individuals from being fleeced.  But there’s no help for firms who borrow under deals which unfairly enrich the lender Guessed the Word?         Series 42 (2/8)   …

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  LIBOR  London Interbank Offered Rate The world’s most important no.  Sets interest rates globally.  Changes daily. Based on estimates from a group of banks worldwide, of the lowest rate at which they can borrow. Started 1969 – for the 1st time, London banker, Minos Zombanakis, got a GROUP of banks to lend $80m at a…

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Neo-banks New digital-only branch-less ‘banks’ (eg. Atom, Monzo, Starling, Tandem) are not actually banks in the traditional sense – beware! They use apps to provide low-cost money management (lending, investing, shopping) from other providers, including traditional banks    What’s the Word?   Series 2 (10/10)  [photo: JordanHoliday]