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Older Governments, educators & employers should invest in a new class of students: older adults. Many lack the post-high school education/ training firms need.  By 2025, nearly 1/4 of the US workforce will be over 55.  Adults do better at accelerated, month-long courses than in standard, 18-week terms Guessed the Word?        …

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Reject Reject the status quo?  Guard against throwing out the baby with the bath water‘No’ can be a prelude to ‘Yes; there may just be a need for more information.  The best businesses accept rejection (and learn from it), and reject acceptance (which may make them complacent) Guessed the Word?           Series 33…

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Apprentice Drop out?  29% of UK university graduates earned less than average worker with apprenticeship experience recently – against a backdrop of lowest unemployment level in UK for 43 years, in Eurozone for 9 years and in the US for 18 years Guessed the Word?                Series 29 (5/8)     …

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Yacht How to transform a superyacht-type firm?  ‘Speedboat projects’ run separately from core activities can develop faster.  Heritage & tradition are valuable, but sometimes developed markets can learn from emerging ones, not the other way round Guessed the Word?         Series 29 (8/8)          [pic: Singapore Yacht Club]

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  Immersion training Live action role playing teaches vital 21st century skills – creative thinking, problem-solving, collaboration & communication. Better than rote learning & fact retention now we have unprecedented access to information? Guessed the word?  Series 3 (2/7)  [photo: luispepunto]