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January 21, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Key clues 2020 Where to find 2020 key clues for business?  In the biggest warehouse of information – the internet.  Data from wifi-enabled devices, location-tracking mobile phones, public data scraped from the web, sentiments on social media, credit card transactions & jobs statistics – much intelligence can be gleaned from these about what will appear…

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Heatwave Heatwaves make us realize that adapting to global warming is key to survival.  Cost to transform the world economy for climate change is blistering, but the price of inaction will be even greater.  A growing number of firms are making decisions using hypothetical costs & reducing their carbon footprint voluntarily Guessed the Word?   …

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Design Objects that appear simple, but solve key problems beautifully are the mark of great design – Apple Design Chief says we still don’t have a good soap dispenser Guessed the word?  Series 5 (1/4)  [photo: stevepb]