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Ego The best leaders socially distance from their egos.  And they don’t get excited about themselves.  The great leveller, Covid-19 doesn’t spare the important, the popular, the famous nor the rich.  Hero to zero? Guessed the Word?                    Series 65 (4/9)             …

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Auto-reply The auto-reply says more than “I am away”.  What tone to strike to be out of sight, but not out of mind?  Straight, functional, light-hearted or funny?  Avoid Out of Office humblebrag: “Contact these 6 people who’ll be covering my job”, “I’m at the Big Summit”, “Busy writing a book” or “Have you seen my…

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Ethylene The most important petro-chemical?  This colourless, flammable gas is in plastics, polyethylene, polyester – so in car parts, bags, packaging, chewing gum, anti-freeze, textiles & water bottles.  I in 5 tons comes from the USA, mostly Texas Guessed the Word?        Series 17 (7/7)         [pic: dbchandler]

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Novelty The human novelty bias makes us think the new is somehow more relevant.  What’s really important is the patterns that have held true for generations Guessed the Word?        Series 15 (1/3)          [photo: jackmac34]