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  Endeavour Our human spirit of endeavour to discover something new.  1768 – small coal ship, built for reliability not speed, left Plymouth for the uncharted South Pacific sea.  After 2 years, huge Atlantic storms, Cape Horn & tip of South America, it found New Zealand & Australia.  And changed our view of the world…

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Opiate Fandom is today’s ‘opiate of the masses’. 2.5m World Cup 2018 tickets sold, more than 1/2 to non-Russians.  Sports spectatorship feeds a primitive human need to be part of something larger than ourselves, & feel understood, accepted, nurtured, empowered, protected Guessed the Word?              Series 26 (3/7)     …

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Ordinary Yesterday’s ‘wow!’ quickly becomes ordinary.  Customers are divinely discontent, & their expectations always go up.  But if it wasn’t human nature to seek something better, we’d still be leading primitive lives in caves Guessed the Word?           Series 25 (2/5)             [pic: joel bengs]

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Land rights African Court on Human & People’s Rights finds land rights can be held collectively.  African & Indian tribes, Australian aborigines, and US native Americans lived for centuries without dividing land into individual plots Guessed the Word?      Series 13 (3/5)       [photo: Trevor Cole]