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May 4, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Fallout Covid-19 fallout: lasting change in consumer and worker behaviour & expectations.  So, allow more space between occupants.  As lifts can only take 2 people, signpost stairs & alternative routes.  Stagger opening hours.  Do more online.  Reduce property footprint. Use offices for get-togethers, not routine work.  Re-do contingency plans – those fallback disaster recovery premises…

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Music chart Moment that changed music forever:  1936 Billboard mag’s Chart Line lists most popular songs on 3 US major radio stations.  1940 best-selling records chart launch.  1958 sales + airplay combined to create Hot 100 Singles Chart, which now includes downloads & streaming data.  Play on Guessed the Word?          Series…

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Residency A residency is a lucrative way for pop stars to find new  fans.Downloads/ streaming decimate royalties, but touring tires both artistes & fans.  Old hits have never been so valuable, but only if performed live. Las Vegas leads in breathing new life into fading careers – be the talk of the town & sleep in…

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One-size-fits-all One-size-fits-all album release strategy is archaic.  Now even artists without a rapid hit can keep cash flowing by streaming new material regularly & social media updates.  Live the stream & win the battle against short-termism Guessed the Word?            Series 20 (3/6)              [pic: BRRT}

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Attention The average person’s attention span is now 8 seconds; shorter than that of a goldfish.  A “dopamine loop” starts when we seek something online, we feel a “reward” when we find it, then crave the next hit Guessed the Word?           Series 10 (6/8)            [photo:stux]