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Labyrinth Linked to sacred patterns, can labyrinths benefit business? Unlike a maze, all paths in a labyrinth lead to its centre; that is, to resolution.  A mindful, meditative flowing walk through one can help to process problems.  Found in many ancient sites, labyrinths physically address well-being & spirituality by harmonizing brain, body & heart.  Healing…

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XO brandy The finest spirit distilled from grapes, XO Extra Old cognac is aged in oak casks for >6 years; longer than VS and VSOP.  16thC Dutch shipmaster created brandy when he concentrated wine by burning off most of the water to save valuable cargo space (brandwijn = burnt wine).  Prices rises likely, as 3 major disasters in…

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Land rights African Court on Human & People’s Rights finds land rights can be held collectively.  African & Indian tribes, Australian aborigines, and US native Americans lived for centuries without dividing land into individual plots Guessed the Word?      Series 13 (3/5)       [photo: Trevor Cole]