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Unisex clothes “His ‘n’ hers” unisex clothes gaining popularity. As our cultural lives become more gender-fluid, clothes are following suit.  Sporty, tonal separates & relaxed tailoring look good on both sexes.  Women are the main beneficiaries of better cuts, cleaner lines & more comfort.  Another plus: Unisex clothes don’t date, so are more sustainable Guessed…

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Women’s own Women tend to own less money than men.  Besides the gender pay gap, there’s an investing gap.  In the US, only about 1/2 of women have started saving for retirement (compared to 65% of men), and even those who’ve started have less than 1/2 the savings of men Guessed the Word?        Series 39 (8/9)   …

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    Neutral More Generation Z (born 2000 on) consumers identify as gender-neutral, gender-fluid or trans-gender than previously.  Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia & New Zealand have gender-neutral passports.  Unisex clothes already in shops Guessed the Word?         Series 26 (2/7)           [pic: Pexels]

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Bias Software can eliminate bias when reviewing job applications.  Answers from different applicants to a Q can be grouped/ randomised, & presented to assessors without giving clues about age, gender, name or race Guessed the Word?     Series 22 (1/8)       [pic: Efraimstochter]

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Gender Mx (pronounced “Mix”), the gender-neutral title, now on official UK documents.  Unilever removing gender stereotypes from its marketing of €8m per year.  Will impact global advertising. Guessed the Word?         Series 9 (4/6)          [photo:injanuary]