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Error Every internet user knows 404, the error message. Caused by poor internal linking, dead links or expired/sold-out items.  Relieve theuser’s frustration with humour, useful information, or helpful re-direct (“a 301”), say to a blog.  Practical/ fun approaches can even make “a 404” a destination in its own right! Guessed the Word?       …

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Escape room Next big thing in entertainment: escape rooms.  Locked in a room, with 1 hour to solve a series of puzzles that permit escape.  Mixes immersive theatre & computer gaming, so ideal offline brand extension to create memories.  Successful puzzle design – not too boring or too difficult.  Invented in Japan 2007.  UK now has 2,000 escape…

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  Santacon Santacon draws attention to mindless consumerismCacophony Society founded 1994 in San Francisco, to broaden perceptions & challenge mainstream culture, by pranks. Huge & long-lasting influence through flash mobs, urban exploring, Fight Club, Burning Man & Santacon.  Jingle tills, ho ho ho Guessed the Word?          Series 34 (5/8)     …

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Gamify Lessons & tests turned into games are more captivating & fun Our ever-evolving sense of play is a wellspring of creativity.  Video games replace the spectacle of violence with the basic joy of splattering mud pies around.  UK: average gamer is female, mid-40’s, highly educated.  US: female gamers aged 33+ outnumber teenage boys.  Play the game Guessed…

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Play Board games teach strategic thinking & entrepreneurship.  De-stress with dice & do an off-duty MBA!  Plus faster networking than golf.  2017 US board game sales $1.17bn – up 7% in a year Guessed the Word?      Series 23 (8/8)       [pic: catan/ Eric Chamberland] 

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Antics Antics at some events discredit the entire sector.  Time to stop using showgirls to sell property and cars? Guessed the Word?       Series 21 (2/7)        [pic: alabama]

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Merry Christmas! Guess the Word  and Contact Us for prizes!  Series 16 starts soon….. 1st letter of each post Title (in a Series) spells a business word (spelt correctly, backwards, jumbled up or as an anagram).  Previous answers: Series 15 spelt  W-E-N    (NEW) Series 14 spelt  X-A-M-S    (XMAS) Series 13 spelt  V-E-L-U-A    (VALUE) Series 12 spelt  T-O-Q-U-E    (QUOTE) Series 11…

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  Essence Dump the old to make space for the new. But without losing the essence of our potential, as that’s what stimulates its own excitement  Guessed the Word?       Series 15 (2/3)        [photo: owen-kemp]

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Ig Nobel  Prize for achievements that  make people laugh, then think.  2009 Economics Ig won by 4 Icelandic banks, for showing how tiny banks can rapidly become huge banks, & vice versa – & similar for an entire national economy What’s the Word?   Series 2 (8/10)  [photo: Alexas_Fotos]