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Under-achiever Now’s the best time for Europe to stop being big tech’s under-achieverUSA hit by unforced errors – fake news, privacy/ data security lapses.  China’s un-tailored services struggling to expand into new markets.  Europe’s promising tech arenas: drug & materials development, driverless cars, electric helicopters, genomics.  London is 1 of the best places on Earth…

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Educate Edinburgh is the UK’s “most educated” city and 2nd-largest fintech hub.  55% of workforce has a Uni degree or equivalent.  Scottish inventions: life insurance, pensions, investment trusts.  Top 4 industries: salmon, whiskey, oil & gas, financial services Guessed the Word?       Series 22 (6/8)         [pic: kimdaejeung]

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Ecosystem London has the world’s best fintech ecosystem, with diverse hipsters, tech startups, capitalists & large financial bodies in the same space. Co-exist, collaborate, co-evolve   Guessed the word?  Series 2  (1/10)  [photo: visavietnam}