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April 26, 2019 admin123@ No comments exist

Easter egg  Hidden “Easter eggs” appeal to our fondness for puzzles & discovery.  Since  Atari’s1979 video game Adventure, comic books, computer software and even search engines have included secret jokes, messages & images, encouraging us to hunt them out.Effective user engagement, while keeping creators happily productive Guessed the Word?           Series 41 (5/9) …

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  Enough Enough to remember just 3 words to find anywhere, including street-less villages & uninhabited spots.  2013 invention by London startup used geocoordinates to divide Earth into 57tn squares of 3m x 3m (100 sqft), each with unique word combinations. The system is as accurate as the best GPS.  Available in many languages, but oceans…

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Lost EU’s Galileo is costing €10bn over 15 years – needless alternative to the American GPS system, which is free to consumers. Who’s paying? Guessed the Word?      Series 23 (2/8)       [pic: jamie-street]