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  Index Everyone is invested in tech if they have a portfolio/ pension of any kind as Tech sector now accounts for 23% of key global index S&P500.  Closest rival is Financials at 14.5%.  A far bigger transformation than most people realise.  In 1990, Tech was just 5% of the index, Industrials 15%.  Utilities, telecoms & manufacturing…

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Un-retire 1/4 of Britons un-retire within 15 years of leaving work.  Men, higher-educated & healthy people more likely to return, but no clear link between financial difficulty & un-retiring Guessed the Word?    Series 17 (5/7)     [pic: pablo-hermoso] 

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Annual reports At 135 pages, the average report is now 50% longer than 10 years ago. As clear as mud. Guessed the word?  Series 5 (2/4)  [photo: PellissierJP]