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March 23, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Positioning Coronavirus: agile firms shift gear fast & position themselves differently Think laterally, pivot & step out with more.  Flex business assets & service delivery.  Vans can take groceries from local shops to customers stuck indoors.  Face-to-face courses morph into webinars.  Cafes can take online orders.  Hotel rooms can store goods.  Warehouses can be healthcare…

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Lent Spring-time fasts (Lent) and feasts (Mothering Sunday) offer business opportunities. Hot cross buns remain Britain’s most popular seasonal bake since medieval times (5th to 15th c), although the cross was originally slashed into the dough, rather than piped on.  Simnel cake, with 11 marzipan balls on top, links to when folks made a pilgrimage…

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Change The pace of change will never be as slow as it is todayWe over-estimate change in the near term, & under-estimate it over the long term.  Life will be pretty similar a year from now, but probably really different in 10 years.  2007 – 1st iPhone.  Today – more mobile devices than human beings….

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Yacht How to transform a superyacht-type firm?  ‘Speedboat projects’ run separately from core activities can develop faster.  Heritage & tradition are valuable, but sometimes developed markets can learn from emerging ones, not the other way round Guessed the Word?         Series 29 (8/8)          [pic: Singapore Yacht Club]

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Infrastructure Fast, robust wifi essential for global competitiveness, but UK is 5th for broadband availability, and 17 out of 19 for updated tech.  £56bn high-speed HS2 rail from London to Birmingham/ Manchester won’t deliver double the economic/ social benefits of £25bn UK-wide full-fibre broadband.  The best investments may be invisible Guessed the word?  Series 3…

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  Dark kitchen With no restaurant attached, Deliveroo’s Roobox meets soaring demand for takeaways – without struggling to serve diners at the same time.  Innovative, low-risk scaling up and out Guessed the Word?  Series 3  (1/7)  [photo: vaazdev]