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Dump Up to 1/3 of the food grown on British farms is dumped each year, for not meeting appearance standards.  EU regulations focus on visuals (colour, blemishes, dirt), not on nutritional quality.  Brexit could allow the UK to develop its own policy for fruit & veg Guessed the Word?           Series 40…

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  Immigrant About 1/2 of US farm workers are undocumented immigrants.  Growing corn, cotton, rice, soybeans & wheat is now largely mechanized, but many high-value crops such as strawberries & diary farms need labor.  The US has to either import food, or import workers Guessed the Word?             Series 27 (2/7) …

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Agriculture In an uncertain world, food security is essential.  UK produced 80% of its own food 30 years ago.  Today it’s 60%.  Will be 50% in 10 years.  Farmland is 70% of UK land area. Good incentives help farmers, environment & rural communities flourish. Guessed the Word?     Series 10 (2/8)     [photo: alexandr podvalny]