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November 11, 2019 admin123@ No comments exist

Euro Midnight 1 Jan 1999: Launch of the virtual euro in 11 European countries.  2002: € notes & coins start to circulate, & 1st purchase using them was on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean – to buy 1 kg of lychees.  US$ – € exchange rate on 1 Jan 1999 was…

March 14, 2018 admin123@ No comments exist

Cash is king.  Used in 80% of payments in Germany, 50% in UK and USA, 45% in Holland, but Sweden is becoming cashless.  €500 “Bin Laden” note (few have seen, but many recognize) being phased out by end-2018 Guessed the Word?       Series 21 (6/7)        [pic: CNN]