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January 27, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Trains coming Transport outlook 2020: a train renaissance.  3 drivers – flight shame, climate change concern, EU railways opening to competition.  Expect smart trains, easy online booking, frequent services to city centres, perks (free coffee, newspapers).  Passenger numbers, esp. tourists, business & night travellers, will rise & fares will fall.  Midnight train to Georgia &…

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Dump Up to 1/3 of the food grown on British farms is dumped each year, for not meeting appearance standards.  EU regulations focus on visuals (colour, blemishes, dirt), not on nutritional quality.  Brexit could allow the UK to develop its own policy for fruit & veg Guessed the Word?           Series 40…

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Flux Business goes on during flux &uncertainty, and the best firms seize the opportunities arising. We all crave certainty.  But what is certain, apart from death & taxes?  ‘In or Out’ is the binary position on Britain’s exit from the EU.  Would the only deal acceptable to all be so vague & meaningless it’s as…

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    Inspect Walls & borders are useless without a way to inspect what’s going through.  A mix of human guards, technology & intelligence can oversee a barrier effectively.  Northern Ireland checks 1.4% of goods coming from non-EU countries.  In the south, Republic of Ireland checks 1%, the lowest rate in the world.  Another bra in…

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Spam EU’s GDPR, meant to curb unwanted marketing, unleashed the biggest spam explosion in historyin the month spam turned 40, on 3 May.  US is world-leader in spam output (Uncle Spam!), then China & Russia.  60% of email traffic is now spam Guessed the Word?         Series 24 (1/7)            [pic:…

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Lost EU’s Galileo is costing €10bn over 15 years – needless alternative to the American GPS system, which is free to consumers. Who’s paying? Guessed the Word?      Series 23 (2/8)       [pic: jamie-street]

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Passport The EU burgundy-red booklet permits visa-free travel to 147 countries.  A globe-trotter’s dream Guessed the word?  Series 4  (1/6 )  [photo: wisegeek]

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Repeal If passed, the Great Repeal Bill will end the supremacy of EU law in Britain.  Key dates: Today 29 Mar- UK triggers Article 50.  4 Apr- EU responds.  29 Apr- EU Brexit summit Guessed the Word?  Series 2  (4/10)  [photo: Yahoo]