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July 1, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Yoke Covid-19 is a chance to cast off any yoke which impeded progress.  Individuals – escape from “doing the same thing”.  Firms –  pursue new products & services.  Industries – jettison drags like systemic racism & lack of diversity.  Plough a new furrow.  If not now, when? Guessed the Word?           Series…

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Reopen Which sectors will reopen from lockdown first?  Construction, manufacturing, logistics, essential retail, waste handling & outdoor work – by staying 2m apart.  A population basis to reopen is ‘youth first’ – schools & young workers who don’t live with older folks.  Another brick out of the wall Guessed the Word?         …

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Rustic The rustic cottage offers refuge from politics, commercial pressures & the cold.  Consumers fulfil the fantasy of a Christmas country cottage by renting one – even the smallest & most remote dwellings get snapped up quickly.  Time with family & friends, in a timeless rural setting, is the antidote to urban noise, hustle &…

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Escape room Next big thing in entertainment: escape rooms.  Locked in a room, with 1 hour to solve a series of puzzles that permit escape.  Mixes immersive theatre & computer gaming, so ideal offline brand extension to create memories.  Successful puzzle design – not too boring or too difficult.  Invented in Japan 2007.  UK now has 2,000 escape…

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Envoy Diplomatic immunity enables envoys to escape bankruptcy, fines & other penalties for criminal/ civil transgressions, depending on rank.  The Police establish if an individual or premises has diplomatic immunity under 1961 Vienna Convention Guessed the Word?        Series 25 (4/5)         [pic: BerckenGroep]

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Small print  is long to bury key details.  Can be >38,000 words! Longer than Hamlet, Shakespeare’s longest play.  It’s how insurance co’s avoid paying for “pre-existing conditions”, leasing co’s hide true costs, & social media giants secretly mine personal data Guessed the Word?   Series 22 (3/8)   [pic: Shakespeare’s Globe]

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Entrepreneurs 45% of start-up entrepreneurs have another job, and put in 60 to 70 hours a week to make both work  Guessed the Word?     Series 18 (4/5)      [pic: Pixel Anarchy]