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Organic food 1962:  1st ‘no birdsong’ alarm on chemical pesticide dangers.  2019 – UK organic food market in 8th year of growth, on target to reach £2.5bn ($3.2bn, €2.9bn) in 2020.  Demand spreading from fruit & veg to other groceries, fish & dairy.  2018 growth of 5.3% outstripped non-organic, driven by independent shops, home delivery…

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Linen Mankind’s oldest fabric, linen wrapped mummies 4,500 years ago.  Made from flax, which can’t be cut, the fibres are strong, crisp & mothproof.  Linen’s natural properties make the best summer clothes, keeping wearers cool & dry.  Enviro-friendly linen needs less pesticides/ fertilizers than cotton.  100 years ago, Londonderry in N Ireland was the centre of…

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Agriculture In an uncertain world, food security is essential.  UK produced 80% of its own food 30 years ago.  Today it’s 60%.  Will be 50% in 10 years.  Farmland is 70% of UK land area. Good incentives help farmers, environment & rural communities flourish. Guessed the Word?     Series 10 (2/8)     [photo: alexandr podvalny]