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Infrasound New, mysterious high-tech weapon: infrasound equipment emits inaudible, powerful waves of energy to disrupt & destabilise through serious but non-lethal harm.  Victims experience vague, abnormal sensations of sound & pressure, causing headaches, loss of balance, sleep dysfunction.  Cybersecurity fact following fiction?  Sonic the hedgehog had to stop an evil genius from experimenting.  Break the…

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Gathering The viral energy of firms comes from gatherings.  Virtual get-togethers can harness crowd momentum, enthusiam & competition to fuel innovation, while common threats spur collaboration.  Shared aims stop social distancing making us socially distant.  Unite in spirit to prevail 100 years Guessed the Word?     Series 57 (7/8)       pic: donnaSenzaFiato

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Utility Utilities were dull but safe investments  with regular dividends & little volatility.  Butrenewable energy (wind, solar), energy-efficiency advances (smarter homes) & climate change (wildfires) have sparked a change.  Now the safe utility firms are those who own only poles & wires Guessed the Word?        Series 41 (2/9)         …

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Sandbox trial  Singapore’s sandbox framework creates ‘safe spaces’ to test new energy solutions in a live environment, without usual regulations, but with safeguards to minimise risks. The way to encourage innovation in other products/ services? Guessed the Word?         Series 19 (1/7)          [pic: RAMillu]