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Innovate Thinking about innovation is oddly conformist, & unaware of its lack of originality.  The best breakthroughs came from research that appeared useless & irrelevant to real life.  Such efforts must be supported, even with no quick payback, or the next wave of innovation will just not occur Guessed the Word?         …


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    Go Let’s go!   The freedom of the open road has inspired many powerful visions to transport ourselves (physically & metaphorically) from one place to another through imagination, desire & effort.  The journey can be as rewarding as the destination Guessed the Word?            Series 28 (8/8)         …

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Ignite Viewing business as a puzzle to be solved ignites wonder & effort.  Curiosity is a better antidote to ‘we believe what we want to believe‘ than getting more facts Guessed the Word?        Series 23 (7/8)         [pic: nick fewings]