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Unclog What unclogs congestion? Local & national drives to re-move vehicles.  Improve public transport + reduce demand (telework, adjust work hours) + smarter road use =  better quality of life, national productivity & global competitiveness.  Traffic calming – one way won’t work everywhere.  Start moving Guessed the Word?           Series 49 (1/7) …


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Car Move on!  Stalled sales signal that we’re past peak car.  2018 worldwide car sales 94.2m, down 1m on 2017.  Youngsters are turning away from the killer transportation app of the 20th c.  UK: driving tests per year by 17 year-olds are down 28% in 10 years.  USA: only 26% of 16 year olds got…

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Weaponisation How to make cities safe against the weaponisation of vehicles? Easy – the measures that make a city better also make it safer.  Walk & cycle, rather than drive.  City walls.  Buildings with moats.  Tight streets that resist traffic.  Collapsible pavements that can’t bear heavy weights. The weaponization of vehicles shows we’re better off…

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  Drive Half of Saudi Arabia’s 32m population permitted to drive from Jun 2018.  Vehicle demand, taxi services, immigration, advertising & fashion will change Guessed the Word?        Series 9 (3/6)        [photo: Robert_z_Ziemi]