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Yellow Our eyes see yellow 1st, so sales stickers grab our attention.  Good design – use yellow for kids/leisure goods.  Otherwise as a highlight only, & not on pricey items (especially for men, as they regard it as cheap).  Yellow & black is highest contrast colour combination, good for warning signs to be read at…

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Intangibles Can’t see or touch intangibles, but they’re now more valuable than buildings, machinery, vehicles & computers.  Examples: brands, intellectual property, design expertise, trademarks.  Intangible asset Mickey Mouse’s copyright extended from 1984 to beyond 2023!  To win in an intangible world, invest in education, information & communication technology, urban planning, science and R&D Guessed the…

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Teapot A design masterpiece, the Brown Betty brews the best tea since 1695.  Stoke-on-Trent red clay retains heat. Brown Rockingham glaze hides stains & wipes clean.  Shape makes tea leaves swirl & release more flavour as boiling water is added. Handle loop prevents knuckles getting burnt.  Handmade. Originally 12 shillings ( £85/ $110). Now £40…

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Kiosk 1881 First public phone box in Berlin‘s Potsdamer Platz.  Most perfect version of this miniature building type is Giles Gilbert Scott’s 1924 design competition win: the classic red K2 was voted 1 of top 10 British design icons in 2006. Bolted cast-iron sections, domed roof, teak door, concrete base.  1,700 installed; about 200 remain…

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Architecture Whether it’s buildings, software or business systems – the best will improve, enhance, inspire or delight Guessed the Word?    Series 7 (3/4)     [photo: wiganparky0]

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Design Objects that appear simple, but solve key problems beautifully are the mark of great design – Apple Design Chief says we still don’t have a good soap dispenser Guessed the word?  Series 5 (1/4)  [photo: stevepb]

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Coin “Un-forgeable” 12-sided £1 coin issued 28 Mar has hologram, micro-lettering & hidden security feature. 15-yr old David Pearce’s design shows the English rose, Irish shamrock, Scottish thistle & Welsh leek Guessed the Word?  Series 2  (3/10)  [photo: Royal Mint]