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Tariff war What happens to the global economy if the tariff war escalates?  The tide going out lowers all boats.  Higher import costs drive up inflation, squeeze buying power & drag down consumption.  Firms respond to lower demand & earnings by cutting investment & jobs, which worsens the downturn.  Tariffs sound good, but are actually…

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Water Firms worldwide are exposed to water risk, though rarely mentioned.  Demand & prices rising as climate change impacts. 4-yr drought affecting California’s almond exports. South Africa’s water-stressed areas include mining & tourism. Cape Town has halved water consumption per head Guessed the Word?        Series 26 (4/7)            [pic:…

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Hedge Mexico’s annual ‘Hacienda Hedge’ contrarian bet with banks protects the world’s 12th-largest oil producer from boom-&-bust prices, and made $2.4bn (£1.8bn) profit from 2001-17.  But the sun may be setting on the hedge, as world oil demand is falling Guessed the Word?           Series 26 (5/7)           [pic: Gellinger]

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Original No good being original if there’s no demand for the product/ service at a profitable priceA sensible economic model underpins every successful business Guessed the Word?     Series 18 (2/5)      [pic: timon klauser]

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Restart New stuff is so cheap, it’s uneconomic to mend.  Hold a restart party, where volunteers fix things.  Let’s demand the “right to repair” what we buy: saves valuable skills & the planet from needless waste Guessed the Word?         Series 17 (6/7)         [pic: amaury-salas]  

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  Drive Half of Saudi Arabia’s 32m population permitted to drive from Jun 2018.  Vehicle demand, taxi services, immigration, advertising & fashion will change Guessed the Word?        Series 9 (3/6)        [photo: Robert_z_Ziemi]