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Demise Covid-19 spells the demise for firms in some sectors more than others.  Most at risk: energy (oil price slump), retail (non-food), airlines, travel, automotive.  Likely to thrive: healthcare (virus-facing), utilities, telecoms, communications media.  But for all firms, survival will matter more than profits or growth for the next 2 years.  All firms can go…

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Obituary A hobby can sow the seed of a successful business & lasting legacy.Rosa ‘Constance Spry’the original ‘English rose’ known for its fragrance & rosette form, was the 1961 product of an amateur breeding roses.  Went on to launch the most successful rose brand in the world by the time he died in 2018 Guessed…

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Audit firms Does it matter if the UK’s Big 4 audit firms become the Big 3?  Already many struggle to find one that is un-conflicted & up to the job.  Less firms = less choice, less competition, lower quality, higher prices.  Like Big Banks, auditors should be made to plot their own death – how…

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Life expectancy After rising for so long, since 2014, life expectancy has reversed & is falling in the EU and USA. Falls in Germany, France & Italy steeper than in UK, and greater in women than men.  Cause unknown:  Flu? Obesity? Pollution?  Guessed the Word?         Series 10 (4/8)          [photo: aitoff]


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Tax Window tax reshaped British architecture in the 18th century. Abolishing Inheritance tax impacted Australia’s death rate, as people clung to life in 1979.  The only certainty in life and death is tax. Guessed the Word?           Series 9 (6/6)        [photo: Toa Heftiba]