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January 21, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Key clues 2020 Where to find 2020 key clues for business?  In the biggest warehouse of information – the internet.  Data from wifi-enabled devices, location-tracking mobile phones, public data scraped from the web, sentiments on social media, credit card transactions & jobs statistics – much intelligence can be gleaned from these about what will appear…

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Open Data troves held by tech giants will be forced open, to benefit consumers & level the playing field for rivals.  Further crackdowns likely: ban on sharing data across their businesses, unwinding of mergers, new rules/fines for use of personal data.  The pain will fall mainly on their reign over internet search, digital advertising, e-commerce &…

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Exhaust Around 2000: birth of surveillance capitalism.  Tech firms didn’t know how to make money from the internet.  We did a search, they delivered results & ejected our details.  Then Google stumbled on the answer: keep the “data exhaust” (who we are, what we seek, what we do next), render it into information to sell…

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Empire Sovereignty – what does a powerful empire look like now?  It’s got many people in its grasp.  It collects & stores data about its subjects, to use for its own gain.  It tracks their activity & location to target them with ‘information’.  It cites privacy/ security as reasons for changes which benefit the emperor. …

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Anticipate Anticipate which type of business attacks you’ll get & from where.  Theft of client or bank data.  Fraud in client or employee systems.  Losing critical information or system access.  Focus on prevention, rather than detection Guessed the Word?         Series 42 (3/8)          [pic: analogicus]

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Nanosecond Getting data even nanoseconds faster generates huge profits.  So physical location of cables & towers to transmit data is critical.  Being closer, UK receives US data before Europe, through undersea fibre-optic cables. Light travels 30cm / nanosecond (billionth of a second).  Straight cables transmit data fastest Guessed the Word?       Series 41 (8/9) …

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Eyeball auction Highest bidding advertiser gets to show their ad to web page viewer in > 1/10th of a second from loading the page.  Cookie data – location, gender, age, likes, dislikes – indicates how valuable that customer could be, so how much to bid  (while placing new cookies for future use) Guessed the Word?   …

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Small print  is long to bury key details.  Can be >38,000 words! Longer than Hamlet, Shakespeare’s longest play.  It’s how insurance co’s avoid paying for “pre-existing conditions”, leasing co’s hide true costs, & social media giants secretly mine personal data Guessed the Word?   Series 22 (3/8)   [pic: Shakespeare’s Globe]

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Analytics More personal information being captured than ever before.  15,000 data points about a viewer can be collected in 5-min website session Guessed the Word?          Series 21 (5/7)            [pic: geralt]

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Angel Showers of data + computing advances + falling cloud storage costs = angels have quietly crept into business.  These Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants are changing how products/ services are sold, customers are handled and payments are processed Guessed the Word?          Series 14 (3/4)         [photo: Engel62]