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Zeitgeist “Staycations” in the home country fit the zeitgeist.  Rather than travel abroad, Britons took 59m UK holidays in 2017.  Average spend: £599 ($727), 2018 estimate £823 ($999).  Besides value, top requests are pet-friendly, hot tub & an “experience” (alternative accommodation, activities).  Nearly 50% of Britons are more likely to holiday in the UK than the…

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Weaponisation How to make cities safe against the weaponisation of vehicles? Easy – the measures that make a city better also make it safer.  Walk & cycle, rather than drive.  City walls.  Buildings with moats.  Tight streets that resist traffic.  Collapsible pavements that can’t bear heavy weights. The weaponization of vehicles shows we’re better off…


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    Go Let’s go!   The freedom of the open road has inspired many powerful visions to transport ourselves (physically & metaphorically) from one place to another through imagination, desire & effort.  The journey can be as rewarding as the destination Guessed the Word?            Series 28 (8/8)         …

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Travel Business trips now make up 1/5 of all travel. Top criteria for business travellers: location, convenient breakfast, high-speed wi-fi.  Some booking websites have quietly introduced a ‘Business’ option tab Guessed the Word?       Series 12 (4/5)         [photo: LadyArty]