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Augment Business Covid-survival tactic: augment existing product or service at low- or no cost.  Be customer-centric.  Turn a purely transactional relationship into an advisory one.  In the end, value is simply being of service, not a vague concept.  Something has value as long as it is able to serve.  It really is that simple.  And…

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Airline class Which airline class? First is back in front.  As super-rich numbers grow, airlines are revamping First Class cabins to stand out from discounters.  One First Class seat raises as much revenue as 12 in Economy/Coach, or 2 in Business.  Also helps manage occupancy & customer satisfaction in the most-profitable Business Class: No one…

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    No show Restaurants are in peril due to ‘no shows’Customers book a table but don’t turn up. Is worst at the busiest times.  The online booking industry offers to make dining out better for buyer & seller.  But by getting in the middle, it’s made it worse for both, as customers no longer…

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Discount 1/3 of retailers find a percentage discount is the most effective customer incentiveLess than 3% of browsers make it to the Cart page on a retail website.  Crowd logic highlights purchases by other shoppers buying the same item, & helpful small-ticket add-ons that complement what a customer is already buying Guessed the Word?   …

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Eyeopener Best investment of Director time in summer? Answer customer calls. While colleagues are on holiday, learn how clients feel & what staff deal with day to day.  Wisdom from the frontline Guessed the Word?              Series 27 (7/7)              [pic: PDPics] 

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Ordinary Yesterday’s ‘wow!’ quickly becomes ordinary.  Customers are divinely discontent, & their expectations always go up.  But if it wasn’t human nature to seek something better, we’d still be leading primitive lives in caves Guessed the Word?           Series 25 (2/5)             [pic: joel bengs]

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Fashion Fashion expresses identity of the individual & culture, and boosts pride & morale. No other industry radically redesigns its product twice a year to retain the same customers.  Success requires innovation, business expertise & luck Guessed the Word?            Series 23 (1/8)           [pic: splitshire]


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You If you’re not paying for a service, you are the product The customers are the advertisers, who use info about you to target their ads Guessed the Word?       Series 18 (5/5)       [pic: simschmidt]

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Feedback “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would’ve said, “a faster horse”. ~ Henry Ford 1863-1947, Ford Motor Co. Do customers always know best? Guessed the Word?   Series 6 (1/5)   [photo: f4me0]