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Pounce Who will bell the cat? Take a risk – fortune favours the brave.  Curiosity & publicly available information are enough to unmask new facts – about products, services, customers, suppliers.  Or even to pounce on secret agents who poison former spies.  No training needed Guessed the Word?                Series 31…

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Ignite Viewing business as a puzzle to be solved ignites wonder & effort.  Curiosity is a better antidote to ‘we believe what we want to believe‘ than getting more facts Guessed the Word?        Series 23 (7/8)         [pic: nick fewings]  


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New Consumers are both curious & fearful of anything new.  Familiar, but surprising, goods/ services will appeal.  Powerful ‘pre-awareness’ examples: Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter Guessed the Word?            Series 17 (3/7)            [pic: annca]