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Groupthink Business Covid survival strategy: avoid groupthink.  Consider whether your firm can compete better by copying others, or by being different.  Persevere & you’ll become the bold, far-sighted thoughtful leader others turn to for advice.  If you want to be a maverick but your firm is inhospitable, start your own, or join a dynamic start-up.  You…

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Gathering The viral energy of firms comes from gatherings.  Virtual get-togethers can harness crowd momentum, enthusiam & competition to fuel innovation, while common threats spur collaboration.  Shared aims stop social distancing making us socially distant.  Unite in spirit to prevail 100 years Guessed the Word?     Series 57 (7/8)       pic: donnaSenzaFiato

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Urban More than 1/2 the world’s population now lives in urban areas.  Will rise to 2/3rds by 2050.  But cities won’t achieve their economic potential unless they solve air pollution, navigation, housing shortage & noise.  In city-life utopia, robots sit in traffic, rents are low & electric motor whirrs are the loudest sound Guessed the Word?…