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April 29, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Unplanned An unplanned, lasting benefit of lockdown:  a crash course in communications technologyA rapid, mass computer literacy & skills reboot for all ages, everywhere.  The world’s human capital has increased exponentially & there’s no going back.  Control + Alt + Delete.  Waah! Guessed the Word?        Series 57 (2/8)         pic:…

March 20, 2018 admin123@ No comments exist

Blockchain Algorithms that allow cryptocurrencies to be traded & verified over a computer network without a central ledger.  Initially sceptical, banks now exploring the tech to speed up back-office settlement systems Guessed the Word?      Series 21 (4/7)         [pic: kindfolk]

November 15, 2017 admin123@ No comments exist

Quantum bit Artificial intelligence, powered by quantum computing, is all down to 0s and 1s. A classical bit can be a 0 or a 1. A qubit can be a 0, or a 1, or both at the same time. 2 qubits can explore 4 states: 00, 01, 10, 11.  A 50-qubit quantum computer can explore 1.125 quadrillion…