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Yacht How to transform a superyacht-type firm?  ‘Speedboat projects’ run separately from core activities can develop faster.  Heritage & tradition are valuable, but sometimes developed markets can learn from emerging ones, not the other way round Guessed the Word?         Series 29 (8/8)          [pic: Singapore Yacht Club]


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Gym The gym is the new pub.  36% of 18-36 year olds pay for  membership – twice the %age of people older than them.  In 2018 – UK gyms will go over 7,000 for 1st time, membership will exceed 10m & market value will reach £5bn Guessed the Word?           Series 23…

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Nightclub While British clubbers mourn the loss of famous venues, German court ruled Berlin superclub, Berghain produces work of special cultural importance, so can pay less tax Guessed the word?       Series 7 (4/4)       [photo: AurelienDP]