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Temporary tax How long can a temporary tax last?  USA’s 1964 “chicken tax”, to retaliate for French & German tariffs, prevents light-duty truck imports even today.  UK’s 1799 temporary income tax to raise money to fight Napoleon’s French forces is still in force 200 years on.  Temporary taxes & tariffs can go on forever Guessed…

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Luxury A luxury as recently as 1950, chicken now accounts for 1/2 the meat eaten in the UK, & has overtaken beef, lamb & pork. Average Briton eats 23kg a year.  Birds bred quickly in sheds for meat/ protein (not for eggs) reduced prices, so poultry is no longer just for the wealthy Guessed the Word? …


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You If you’re not paying for a service, you are the product The customers are the advertisers, who use info about you to target their ads Guessed the Word?       Series 18 (5/5)       [pic: simschmidt]