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Grip How to get a grip & end the chaos?  1st: see things as they actually are, not how we’d like them to be.  70% of projects fail.  Top 6 causes: Altering priorities; poor requirements-gathering; changing project aims; undefined opportunities/risks; bad communication; & inadequate vision/goal for the project.  Common factor in all 6 causes?  People. …

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  Uncertainty Does uncertainty affect the economy?  Uncertainty spikes during recessions.  But the cause runs both ways: Uncertainty causes recessions because it makes consumers, employers & investors hesitate to spend.  When we all hesitate – that’s a recession Guessed the Word?         Series 34 (4/8)           [pic: pauloNicolello]

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Life expectancy After rising for so long, since 2014, life expectancy has reversed & is falling in the EU and USA. Falls in Germany, France & Italy steeper than in UK, and greater in women than men.  Cause unknown:  Flu? Obesity? Pollution?  Guessed the Word?         Series 10 (4/8)          [photo: aitoff]