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Night tube London’s night tube on Fridays/Saturdays lights up the economy by £360m; will be £1.54bn over 10 years.  Supports >3,600 jobs & has >500,000 users.  2 peaks – revellers at 01:30 BST & workers at 04:00.  Increase in demand since 2016 launch is double that of day time.  Oxford Circus is busiest entry &…

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  Heyday Let’s use rivers as transport arteries to move people & goods, as in their heyday.  London was busiest world port in the 19th c.  Innovations like floating cycle paths could bring a buzz back to city rivers  Guessed the Word?       Series 23 (6/8)        [pic: Claude Monet 1871]

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Overboarding Trust executives to manage their own workload, but those with too many roles can’t do their duties properly. Over-burdened directors may fall short of what’s required Guessed the Word?  Series 4 (3/6)   [photo: AnjaPetrol]