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Utility Utilities were dull but safe investments  with regular dividends & little volatility.  Butrenewable energy (wind, solar), energy-efficiency advances (smarter homes) & climate change (wildfires) have sparked a change.  Now the safe utility firms are those who own only poles & wires Guessed the Word?        Series 41 (2/9)         …

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News Spinning out of control: the link between news and reality.  It seems we don’t want boring news, but fearful/ angry reports.  Like politics, news is partly show business, & gives us what we want Guessed the Word?         Series 18 (3/5)        [pic: ryan stefan]

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Annual reports At 135 pages, the average report is now 50% longer than 10 years ago. As clear as mud. Guessed the word?  Series 5 (2/4)  [photo: PellissierJP]