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Posturing Politicians posturing isn’t new – in 41BC, Cleopatra used a golden barge with purple sails to get Mark Antony’s attention.  Politics is part show business.  But it’s workers & owners who keep the real show on the road.  “Must do, should do, could do & won’t do” helps avoid distraction by political melodrama.  There’s no…

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Yellow Our eyes see yellow 1st, so sales stickers grab our attention.  Good design – use yellow for kids/leisure goods.  Otherwise as a highlight only, & not on pricey items (especially for men, as they regard it as cheap).  Yellow & black is highest contrast colour combination, good for warning signs to be read at…

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Attention The average person’s attention span is now 8 seconds; shorter than that of a goldfish.  A “dopamine loop” starts when we seek something online, we feel a “reward” when we find it, then crave the next hit Guessed the Word?           Series 10 (6/8)            [photo:stux]