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Yaw A yaw rate sensor is an advanced monitor in cars. Working with other safety & security devices, it prevents problems with over- or under-steering becoming accidents. But, as in business systems, the best safety feature is a driver who operates the vehicle correctly. Yaw is the rotation around the central vertical z-axis Guessed the…

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Evaporate Traffic “evaporates” as vehicle drivers go on holiday or choose other ways to make their trips.  Walking, cycling or a ride on the top deck of a bus brings an air of freedom & relaxation – enjoy summer in the city! Guessed the Word?           Series 46 (2/4)       …

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Cheese UK cheese sales recovering after falling for 2 years. Spend on bestseller cheddar up 3.9%.  Shops’ own-labels growing ahead of branded cheese.  1/2 the top 20 brands are now in growth.  Cheese-making is both art & science – from identical ingredients & recipes, different cheese makers make different cheeses Guessed the Word?           …

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Afternoon tea A quintessential British pastime since the 1800s to fill the break between breakfast & dinner.  Traditional menu – finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, teas – can be given a modern twist to reflect art, fashion or other cuisines.  For business or pleasure, “there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to…


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Yet Shredded, yet twice as valuable as before.  Voted UK’s 2017 best-loved artwork.  Self-destructed via hidden mechanism in frame moments after auction sale of £1.04m ($1.37m) on 5 Oct.  Value isn’t fixed or tangible; it’s embedded in perceived benefit in the beholder’s mind Guessed the Word?                   Series…

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Unregulated The only market that’s unregulated is the art  business. Buying & selling paintings is one way to clean dirty money Guessed the Word?    Series 22 (2/8)     [pic: daniel van den berg]

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Original No good being original if there’s no demand for the product/ service at a profitable priceA sensible economic model underpins every successful business Guessed the Word?     Series 18 (2/5)      [pic: timon klauser]

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Picasso effect Before success –  Picasso: 700+ sketches of Les Demoiselles. James Dyson: 5,126 vacuum cleaner prototypes.  Edison: 10,000 light bulb filaments.  Persistence pays  Guessed the Word?  Series 7  (1/4)    [painting: Pablo Picasso]