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Exchange Most transactions now occur with no monetary exchange.  Statistics only measure activities with money value, so these barter deals get omitted. Example: “Free” apps for smartphones.  They aren’t really free; we get them in exchange for giving up personal data or accepting advertisements Guessed the Word?           Series 41 (7/9)   …

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Freemium  A mix of ‘free’ and ‘premium’ is dominant in internet startups & smartphone apps: basic features at no cost, richer functionality for a fee. Users become evangelists if the distinction between free and paid offerings are clear Guessed the word?   Series 4 (4/6)   [photo: Ryan McGuire]

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Neo-banks New digital-only branch-less ‘banks’ (eg. Atom, Monzo, Starling, Tandem) are not actually banks in the traditional sense – beware! They use apps to provide low-cost money management (lending, investing, shopping) from other providers, including traditional banks    What’s the Word?   Series 2 (10/10)  [photo: JordanHoliday]