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Exchange Most transactions now occur with no monetary exchange.  Statistics only measure activities with money value, so these barter deals get omitted. Example: “Free” apps for smartphones.  They aren’t really free; we get them in exchange for giving up personal data or accepting advertisements Guessed the Word?           Series 41 (7/9)   …

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Optimist Unusual business model, based on optimistic faith in the community to do good, can work: Wikipedia is 5th most popular website on earth.  New global platform for multilingual, quality news soon.  Journalists/volunteers will publish facts.  Supporters donate, so no ads, no paywalls.  Measures to stop fake news, spread by eager/unwitting volunteers, have failed.  Fight…

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Eyeball auction Highest bidding advertiser gets to show their ad to web page viewer in > 1/10th of a second from loading the page.  Cookie data – location, gender, age, likes, dislikes – indicates how valuable that customer could be, so how much to bid  (while placing new cookies for future use) Guessed the Word?   …


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You If you’re not paying for a service, you are the product The customers are the advertisers, who use info about you to target their ads Guessed the Word?       Series 18 (5/5)       [pic: simschmidt]