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Utility Utilities were dull but safe investments  with regular dividends & little volatility.  Butrenewable energy (wind, solar), energy-efficiency advances (smarter homes) & climate change (wildfires) have sparked a change.  Now the safe utility firms are those who own only poles & wires Guessed the Word?        Series 41 (2/9)         …

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Urban More than 1/2 the world’s population now lives in urban areas.  Will rise to 2/3rds by 2050.  But cities won’t achieve their economic potential unless they solve air pollution, navigation, housing shortage & noise.  In city-life utopia, robots sit in traffic, rents are low & electric motor whirrs are the loudest sound Guessed the Word?…

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Under-achiever Now’s the best time for Europe to stop being big tech’s under-achieverUSA hit by unforced errors – fake news, privacy/ data security lapses.  China’s un-tailored services struggling to expand into new markets.  Europe’s promising tech arenas: drug & materials development, driverless cars, electric helicopters, genomics.  London is 1 of the best places on Earth…

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Unify A Unified Payments Interface (UPI) enables instant & easy money exchanges from person-to-person or person-to-merchant. India’s 2-yr old UPI system has 115 lenders & handled ₹542bn rupees ($7.5 bn) of transactions in Aug 2018, up from ₹31m in Aug 2017.  All together now: the ramp-up power of a network Guessed the Word?       …

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  Uncertainty Does uncertainty affect the economy?  Uncertainty spikes during recessions.  But the cause runs both ways: Uncertainty causes recessions because it makes consumers, employers & investors hesitate to spend.  When we all hesitate – that’s a recession Guessed the Word?         Series 34 (4/8)           [pic: pauloNicolello]

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  Ultramarine Value comes from a commodity’s use & how hard it is to get/make. Until synthetic created in 1826, the finest blue was powdered Afghan lapis lazuli, costlier than gold.  YInMn (YIN-min) is the 1st new blue pigment in 200 years.  Safe, durable, heat-reflecting, enviro-friendly. Will be very valuable: blue is USA’s favourite colour &…

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Underdog Brands can profit from positioning as the underdog.  Determination to triumph against the odds has a strong appeal – in events (dive rescue of Thai boys), sport (Wimbledon, World Cup), books (Harry Potter), clothes (the humble waistcoat), or business Guessed the Word?           Series 27 (5/7)              [pic:…

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Unregulated The only market that’s unregulated is the art  business. Buying & selling paintings is one way to clean dirty money Guessed the Word?    Series 22 (2/8)     [pic: daniel van den berg]

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Unfair UK vendors are unfairly undercut by online foreign sellers who don’t add 20% VAT even when goods are sent from stocks kept in UK warehouses, Guessed the Word?         Series 19 (2/7)         [pic: neonbrand]

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Un-retire 1/4 of Britons un-retire within 15 years of leaving work.  Men, higher-educated & healthy people more likely to return, but no clear link between financial difficulty & un-retiring Guessed the Word?    Series 17 (5/7)     [pic: pablo-hermoso]