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Taxi UK has 1 of the world’s largest taxi markets. Londoners spend more money – 6.9% of GDP – on transport than people in New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Tokyo & Singapore. Taxi/ limo 2016 revenues: US $19 (£14.4) bn, Japan $15 (£11.4) bn, UK $11.5 (8.7) bn, next is France <$5 (£3.8) bn…

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Tiffin Collect, deliver, return: 200,000 tiffins daily5,000 Mumbai dabba-wallas take hot lunch from home to school/ office by train, cart or bicycle for ₹500 rupees (£5 / $7) a month.  Without computers or client phone numbers, they achieve Six Sigma competence level by scribbling alphanumeric codes on tiffins.  Every tiffin changes hands >5 times on…

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Tradewind Tradewind blowing!  Tech is disrupting the model of seaborne trade that’s ruled for decadesExamples: Automated hydroponic indoor farms grow summer crops year-round; 3D printers churn out jet engine parts on demand anywhere.  Trade agreements now have as much to do with data flows as physical goods Guessed the Word?           Series 36…

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Turkey Turkey became affordable in the 1950sPreviously goose, chicken or beef were the roasts of choice.  87% of Brits think Christmas is not the same without a traditional roast turkey. Top 3 popular ways to serve leftover turkey: sandwich, soup/stew, salad.  King Henry VIII was the 1st person to eat turkey on Christmas day Guessed the…

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Trademark Can’t protect shape, colour & taste through trademarks.  They’re not distinctive enough to be seen as a mark of origin without the brand name/ logo.  Courts have refused copyright applications for London taxi and KitKat shapes, Cadbury’s specific shade of purple, & the taste of spreadable cheese.  Have a break Guessed the Word?     …

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Teapot A design masterpiece, the Brown Betty brews the best tea since 1695.  Stoke-on-Trent red clay retains heat. Brown Rockingham glaze hides stains & wipes clean.  Shape makes tea leaves swirl & release more flavour as boiling water is added. Handle loop prevents knuckles getting burnt.  Handmade. Originally 12 shillings ( £85/ $110). Now £40…

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Trust Big Tech is losing our trust.  Fake news, minimal tax payments, ads alongside extremist content, poor attitude to harassment, unfair terms, & unsuitability for kids.  Public sentiment is turning against the tech giants Guessed the Word?       Series 17 (4/7)       [pic: ElisaRiva]  

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Travel Business trips now make up 1/5 of all travel. Top criteria for business travellers: location, convenient breakfast, high-speed wi-fi.  Some booking websites have quietly introduced a ‘Business’ option tab Guessed the Word?       Series 12 (4/5)         [photo: LadyArty]


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Tax Window tax reshaped British architecture in the 18th century. Abolishing Inheritance tax impacted Australia’s death rate, as people clung to life in 1979.  The only certainty in life and death is tax. Guessed the Word?           Series 9 (6/6)        [photo: Toa Heftiba]