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Rival Pincered by a rival: US lobsters face 8% tariff, but Canada lobsters get into Europe duty-free.  A Maine lobster lands on a Beijing dinner plate in 2 days, via Canada – avoiding China’s 25% tariff on US live lobsters from 6 July.  Until 1800’s, lobster was low-class food, eaten only by the poor.  2017 US live…

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Returns 33% of web orders end up as returns vs. 9% at bricks-&-mortar shops. Processing/ shipping returns can be 20% to 65% of e-tailer’s cost of goods sold. Why merchants prefer to take online returns at a physical store: 66% of shoppers make a new purchase during that visit.  More sizing info & clear photos reduce…

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Reject Reject the status quo?  Guard against throwing out the baby with the bath water‘No’ can be a prelude to ‘Yes; there may just be a need for more information.  The best businesses accept rejection (and learn from it), and reject acceptance (which may make them complacent) Guessed the Word?           Series 33…

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Retire Who wants to live to 100? A 99 year-old! Retirement can be 30+ years, so pensions need to last.  UK now has 15,000 centenarians, eligible for a 100th Birthday card from the Queen, following a Royal tradition since 1917 Guessed the Word?         Series 30 (3/4)         [pic: Buckingham Palace]

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Rest Nap cafes already in S Korea – everywhere soon?  Under 1% of us are natural short sleepers, needing <6 hours sleep a night.  45 – 54 year olds are UK’s most sleep-deprived group.  Average US sleep on work nights down from 8.5 to 7 hrs in last 50 years.  Health consequences are worrying.  More firms…

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  Reseller From 5 July, UK followed USA (led by New York) with unlimited fines on resellers using ticket-buying ‘bot’ software for sports, pop & other events. Touts (scalpers) buy multiple tickets to sell on at many times face value.  Victims of Viagogo campaign helped fans reclaim £300k ($395k) in <2 years Guessed the Word?     …

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Residency A residency is a lucrative way for pop stars to find new  fans.Downloads/ streaming decimate royalties, but touring tires both artistes & fans.  Old hits have never been so valuable, but only if performed live. Las Vegas leads in breathing new life into fading careers – be the talk of the town & sleep in…

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Restart New stuff is so cheap, it’s uneconomic to mend.  Hold a restart party, where volunteers fix things.  Let’s demand the “right to repair” what we buy: saves valuable skills & the planet from needless waste Guessed the Word?         Series 17 (6/7)         [pic: amaury-salas]  

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Red tape A bonfire of red tape would reduce the burden of regulation on law-abiding firms, and level the playing field against those who never play by the rules. Guessed the Word?        Series 10 (7/8)        [photo:manolofranco]

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Rock ‘n’ roll The King left the building 40 years ago (16 Aug 1977), but his rock ‘n’ roll, created by fusing blues, country and gospel, lives on. Create new from old – That’s All Right Guessed the Word?       Series 8 (2/5)       [photo: skeeze]