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January 23, 2019 admin123@ No comments exist

Omni-channel Clicks to bricks!  Omni-channel retail works as we prefer a memorable buying experience to just spending money on a product/ service. A physical presence drives the buyer back to the e-commerce portal – the fabled ‘halo effect’.  Innovative e-tailers jump from digital to physical, & reinvent themselves with a bricks-&-mortar shop Guessed the Word?     …

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Overlooked Most-overlooked amenity in hotel rooms: the ironing board. Business travellers!  Use it as a height-adjustable writing desk, dining table, or activity console. (Housekeeping can take care of your ironing) Guessed the Word?          Series 36 (1/7)              [pic: target]

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Optimist Unusual business model, based on optimistic faith in the community to do good, can work: Wikipedia is 5th most popular website on earth.  New global platform for multilingual, quality news soon.  Journalists/volunteers will publish facts.  Supporters donate, so no ads, no paywalls.  Measures to stop fake news, spread by eager/unwitting volunteers, have failed.  Fight…


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  Own Imagine no possessions. The rise of the rental lifestyle.  John Lennon’s 1971 call to live without material stuff is now the tech startup mantra.  Why buy music if it can be downloaded? Why own DVDs if we can watch streamed films? Why buy a bike/ car when it can be hired?  A simpler life?…

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Overload US share of global travel market is falling.  Overloading tourists, trade show attendees & students with bureaucracy hurts the economy, reduces influence, & deters would-be allies in the fight against terror.  Has a veteran of the hospitality business turned inhospitable? Guessed the Word?               Series 30 (2/4)     …

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  Outdoor learning Outdoor activities break down barriers & teach practical skills.  Summer vacation is a hangover from Victorian times, when children helped in the fields.  74% of UK kids now spend less time outdoors than prisoners Guessed the Word?               Series 29 (3/8)               [pic:TheDigitalWay]

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Out of Office Scandinavian out of office reply shows firms get clients despite 5-week closure: “Hej! I’m on vacation for the next 5 weeks. Back on Aug 7.  I won’t access emails & won’t read the backlog, so get in touch that week.  Happy Sommar!”  Summertime & the work is easy Guessed the Word?     …

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Opiate Fandom is today’s ‘opiate of the masses’. 2.5m World Cup 2018 tickets sold, more than 1/2 to non-Russians.  Sports spectatorship feeds a primitive human need to be part of something larger than ourselves, & feel understood, accepted, nurtured, empowered, protected Guessed the Word?              Series 26 (3/7)     …

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Ordinary Yesterday’s ‘wow!’ quickly becomes ordinary.  Customers are divinely discontent, & their expectations always go up.  But if it wasn’t human nature to seek something better, we’d still be leading primitive lives in caves Guessed the Word?           Series 25 (2/5)             [pic: joel bengs]

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One-size-fits-all One-size-fits-all album release strategy is archaic.  Now even artists without a rapid hit can keep cash flowing by streaming new material regularly & social media updates.  Live the stream & win the battle against short-termism Guessed the Word?            Series 20 (3/6)              [pic: BRRT}