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    No show Restaurants are in peril due to ‘no shows’Customers book a table but don’t turn up. Is worst at the busiest times.  The online booking industry offers to make dining out better for buyer & seller.  But by getting in the middle, it’s made it worse for both, as customers no longer…

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    No-frills airlines Grab cheap Europe flights before fares go up, up & away. 200 airlines operate. Top 6 have 43% of the market & profit $7 per passenger.  US started no-frills, but has 1/2 as many airlines.  Top 6 have 90% of market & double the profit, as foreigners can’t operate domestic flights.  Mergers of…

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Neon In last 10 years, iconic neon signage regaining popularity. 1912 neon’s red glow 1st used to advertise Paris barber’s shop.  Popularity peaked in 1930s.  Fell out of favour by end of 1940s, except in Las Vegas.  Most vintage signs come from the US and advertise beer Guessed the Word?         Series 28…

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    Neutral More Generation Z (born 2000 on) consumers identify as gender-neutral, gender-fluid or trans-gender than previously.  Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia & New Zealand have gender-neutral passports.  Unisex clothes already in shops Guessed the Word?         Series 26 (2/7)           [pic: Pexels]

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Night economy Dark days: London has lost 1/4 of its pubs and >1,200 venues since 2001.  Yet evening/ night businesses contribute £26.3bn ($35bn) and >700,000 (ie. 1 in every 8)  jobs in the city Guessed the Word?         Series 24 (3/7)         [pic: free-photos]

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Nothing Having no money forces us to be both creative & frugal – valuable skills for any entrepreneur to possess Guessed the Word?        Series 22 (5/8)     [pic: Klaus Hausmann]

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News Spinning out of control: the link between news and reality.  It seems we don’t want boring news, but fearful/ angry reports.  Like politics, news is partly show business, & gives us what we want Guessed the Word?         Series 18 (3/5)        [pic: ryan stefan]


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New Consumers are both curious & fearful of anything new.  Familiar, but surprising, goods/ services will appeal.  Powerful ‘pre-awareness’ examples: Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter Guessed the Word?            Series 17 (3/7)            [pic: annca]

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Happy New Year! Guess the Word  and Contact Us for prizes!  Series 17 starts soon….. 1st letter of each post Title (in a Series) spells a business word (spelt correctly, backwards, jumbled up or as an anagram).  Previous answers: Series 16  was  Zzz   (sleep, rest & recharge) Series 15 spelt  W-E-N    (NEW) Series 14 spelt  X-A-M-S    (XMAS) Series 13 spelt  V-E-L-U-A   …

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Novelty The human novelty bias makes us think the new is somehow more relevant.  What’s really important is the patterns that have held true for generations Guessed the Word?        Series 15 (1/3)          [photo: jackmac34]