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Leave In UK & US, poverty has flipped from Reason to Leave to Reason Not to Leave,despite widening opportunity gap between dynamic & struggling areas.  Should policymakers re-vitalise poor areas?  Or incentivize people to move?  Fewer Americans moved States in 2017 than in any of the previous 50 years Guessed the Word?       …

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Luck We under-estimate the role of luck in business success. From good to great needs luck, to be in the right place at the right time.  Exceptional success occurs in rare circumstances, so lessons drawn from the 2nd best are more informative & offer better proof of skill/ effort.  Good luck in 2019! Guessed the Word?   …

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Licence Members of an occupation love licences as they keep others out.  1 in 5 UK workers – twice as many as 15 years ago – now needs a permit from government to do their job, including security guards, art therapists, social workers.  Are they any better than they were?  Work life is tied up…

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Cheese UK cheese sales recovering after falling for 2 years. Spend on bestseller cheddar up 3.9%.  Shops’ own-labels growing ahead of branded cheese.  1/2 the top 20 brands are now in growth.  Cheese-making is both art & science – from identical ingredients & recipes, different cheese makers make different cheeses Guessed the Word?           …

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Lithium Light, conductive & with other electrical properties, lithium is vital for electric vehicle, laptop & smartphonebatteries.1/2 the world’s deposits of this rare, valuable metal are in Chile. Large reserves also in Cornwall, UK.  Price has surged from £1,900 ($2,470) a tonne in 2002 to £12,750 ($16,500) now.  World produces 220,000 tonnes a year.  Demand…

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Luxury A luxury as recently as 1950, chicken now accounts for 1/2 the meat eaten in the UK, & has overtaken beef, lamb & pork. Average Briton eats 23kg a year.  Birds bred quickly in sheds for meat/ protein (not for eggs) reduced prices, so poultry is no longer just for the wealthy Guessed the Word? …

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Lost EU’s Galileo is costing €10bn over 15 years – needless alternative to the American GPS system, which is free to consumers. Who’s paying? Guessed the Word?      Series 23 (2/8)       [pic: jamie-street]

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Longevity Consumers now value sustainability, simplicity, longevity. ‘Planned obsolescence’ doesn’t work when they want to build and keep a relationship with the product/ service provider.  Back to the future Guessed the Word?       Series 20 (6/6)        [pic: Royal Enfield]

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Laffer curve An optimum tax rate maximises tax revenue – Arthur Laffer, 1979.  Above that rate, no more revenue is gained (and may even fall), as tax avoidance, disincentive to work and “brain drain” impoverish the rich & the poor  Guessed the Word?      Series 20 (2/6)        [pic: Michael Gaida]

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Land rights African Court on Human & People’s Rights finds land rights can be held collectively.  African & Indian tribes, Australian aborigines, and US native Americans lived for centuries without dividing land into individual plots Guessed the Word?      Series 13 (3/5)       [photo: Trevor Cole]