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Gamify Lessons & tests turned into games are more captivating & fun Our ever-evolving sense of play is a wellspring of creativity.  Video games replace the spectacle of violence with the basic joy of splattering mud pies around.  UK: average gamer is female, mid-40’s, highly educated.  US: female gamers aged 33+ outnumber teenage boys.  Play the game Guessed…


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    Go Let’s go!   The freedom of the open road has inspired many powerful visions to transport ourselves (physically & metaphorically) from one place to another through imagination, desire & effort.  The journey can be as rewarding as the destination Guessed the Word?            Series 28 (8/8)         …

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  GDP Royal wedding boost to UK economy estimate >£1bn ($1.4bn) in tourism, retail, restaurants, fashion & gifts.  But till recently, VAT from small firms was excluded in GDP calculations.  Volunteer work still doesn’t count, as no monetised transaction Guessed the Word?        Series 24 (6/7)         [pic: Jaguar E-type Concept…


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Gym The gym is the new pub.  36% of 18-36 year olds pay for  membership – twice the %age of people older than them.  In 2018 – UK gyms will go over 7,000 for 1st time, membership will exceed 10m & market value will reach £5bn Guessed the Word?           Series 23…

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  Green space Green space valued by all – from US presidents (Trump ‘Central Park’ trademark 1991) to Russian spies (2018).  Key to physical/ mental well-being, as >50% of world’s population live in cities Guessed the Word?         Series 20 (1/6)            [pic: summa]  

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Gender Mx (pronounced “Mix”), the gender-neutral title, now on official UK documents.  Unilever removing gender stereotypes from its marketing of €8m per year.  Will impact global advertising. Guessed the Word?         Series 9 (4/6)          [photo:injanuary]

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  Generation Z > 20 years old, Gen Z are super-visual digital natives.  They need a cause, make (not consume), collaborate, problem-solve, and like the raw & imperfect (to develop/ own/ share). Offer them: membership (not marketing), flexi-booking, refunds, try-before-you-buy, social space (festivals), personal devices, freemium content & start the relationship earlier Guessed the word?…