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April 8, 2019 admin123@ No comments exist

Error Every internet user knows 404, the error message. Caused by poor internal linking, dead links or expired/sold-out items.  Relieve theuser’s frustration with humour, useful information, or helpful re-direct (“a 301”), say to a blog.  Practical/ fun approaches can even make “a 404” a destination in its own right! Guessed the Word?       …

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Eternity Cricket gives an idea of eternityTest matches last up to 30 hours.  Fight, flair, grit, glamour, twists & turns keep average attendances in England rising: 52,850  (1980) to 77,420 (2017).  Redeveloped venues provide great spectator experience.  England had its 1,000th Test in 2018 and has been in >43% of all Tests ever played.  Learning…

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Escape room Next big thing in entertainment: escape rooms.  Locked in a room, with 1 hour to solve a series of puzzles that permit escape.  Mixes immersive theatre & computer gaming, so ideal offline brand extension to create memories.  Successful puzzle design – not too boring or too difficult.  Invented in Japan 2007.  UK now has 2,000 escape…

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End of year 2018 SLUMP DUMP TRUMP.  Slump in oil price.  DUMP in stock markets – London FTSE, New York S&P, Europe Stoxx.  Then there’s TRUMP.  The only way from here is up!  Best wishes to all our readers for good health, enough wealth & lots of happy times in 2019 Guessed the Word?   …

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Evergreen Just as evergreens signify permanence, brands can pass on emotional values down the years.  Despite company failure, the best brands have a long-lasting romance & history, which can be re-invigorated Guessed the Word?              Series 35 (4/8)               [pic: Kappa]

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Emotion Emotion can prevent start-ups from seeing their idea isn’t viable as a business.  Obscure, esoteric new products/ services only appeal to few people. Targeting a small niche means less competition, but also less money Guessed the Word?             Series 33 (2/5)           [pic: lubo minar]  

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  Endeavour Our human spirit of endeavour to discover something new.  1768 – small coal ship, built for reliability not speed, left Plymouth for the uncharted South Pacific sea.  After 2 years, huge Atlantic storms, Cape Horn & tip of South America, it found New Zealand & Australia.  And changed our view of the world…

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  Enough Enough to remember just 3 words to find anywhere, including street-less villages & uninhabited spots.  2013 invention by London startup used geocoordinates to divide Earth into 57tn squares of 3m x 3m (100 sqft), each with unique word combinations. The system is as accurate as the best GPS.  Available in many languages, but oceans…

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Eyeopener Best investment of Director time in summer? Answer customer calls. While colleagues are on holiday, learn how clients feel & what staff deal with day to day.  Wisdom from the frontline Guessed the Word?              Series 27 (7/7)              [pic: PDPics] 

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Envoy Diplomatic immunity enables envoys to escape bankruptcy, fines & other penalties for criminal/ civil transgressions, depending on rank.  The Police establish if an individual or premises has diplomatic immunity under 1961 Vienna Convention Guessed the Word?        Series 25 (4/5)         [pic: BerckenGroep]