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Dump Up to 1/3 of the food grown on British farms is dumped each year, for not meeting appearance standards.  EU regulations focus on visuals (colour, blemishes, dirt), not on nutritional quality.  Brexit could allow the UK to develop its own policy for fruit & veg Guessed the Word?           Series 40…


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Dry The number of Britons ‘going dry’ has hit a 12-year high.  20m consider alcohol-free drinks, while 1 in 5 doesn’t drink alcohol at all.  Many sophisticated zero-proof aperitifs, beers, spirits & wines now on the shelves, solving the problem of what to drink when you’re not drinking Guessed the Word?        Series…

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DRAMNow superseded by metric measures, a dram was a small draught of cordial or alcohol equal to 1/8 of a fluid ounce in the British Imperial weight system. Comes from the Greek drachma – an ancient coin or weight, & probably the amount one could hold in one’s hand. Wee dram o’ whisky? Cheers! Guess the…

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Discount 1/3 of retailers find a percentage discount is the most effective customer incentiveLess than 3% of browsers make it to the Cart page on a retail website.  Crowd logic highlights purchases by other shoppers buying the same item, & helpful small-ticket add-ons that complement what a customer is already buying Guessed the Word?   …

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Double-breasted (DB) suits Too casual for the office till the 1940s, but now doing double the business,the DB suit jacket descends from naval officer uniforms.  Key to the image of 1930s gangsters & 1980s bankers, its most iconic wearers are rule-breakers whose names turn up on all-time best-dressed lists.  Menswear detail: correct button stance is…

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Dating Love Island is tougher to get into than Oxford & Cambridge Universities (85,000 applicants to Oxbridge’s 37,000). The British TV show has already been sold to 7 other countries. Popular with 16-34 year olds, who vote their favourite couple as the winners. 3.6m watched finale on 3 July, up 1m from 2017.  Sponsor Superdrug’s make-up…

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  Dodge Digital tech enables authorities to catch tax dodgers by ‘joining the dots’ to get a full picture of their financial affairs.  HMRC now holds more data than the British Library Guessed the Word?       Series 25 (3/5)          [pic: webandi]

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  Drive Half of Saudi Arabia’s 32m population permitted to drive from Jun 2018.  Vehicle demand, taxi services, immigration, advertising & fashion will change Guessed the Word?        Series 9 (3/6)        [photo: Robert_z_Ziemi]

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Disconnect France’s new Right to Disconnect laws say “NO!” to the tyranny of the inbox.  Send fewer emails. Reply thoughtfully & briefly Guessed the Word?      Series 8 (4/5)       [photo: WerbeFabrik] 

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Dunkirk spirit Courage in adversity.  Being strong when in difficulty.  Refusing to accept defeat. People in a bad situation helping each other. Lessons for business from May 1940 Guess the Word?   Series 6 (5/5)   [photo: Pavlofox]