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Catering Wimbledon is Europe’s largest annual sport catering event.  2017 sales:  33,211 kg strawberries; 9,848 litres cream; 110,225 scones; 2,198 afternoon tea hampers; 77,142 sandwiches; 76,603 ice creams; 307,277 teas & coffees.  £2.50 ($3) for punnet of 10 strawberries – unchanged from 2010 so an iconic part of Wimbledon is affordable to all Guessed the…

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Champagne 2008 champagne – the greatest vintage ever?  Was a gloomy, overcast summer.  Tricky, stressful, exhausting growing season.  Night forays into the vineyards.  Slow harvest picking.  10 years on lees.  Being released now, but will only reveal their true potential & pleasure with ~20 years of age.  Brexit parallels? Guessed the Word?       Series…

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Counterfeit Big fines for counterfeit goods on Chinese e-commerce sites                         from 1 Jan 2019, up to 2m yuan (£228k, $295k).  So fakers now hawking their wares on social messaging networks as ‘friend-to-friend’. Global trade in bogus goods 2013: £355bn, 2022 est: £764bn.  China and Hong…

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Credo Words & deeds must sync.  Who believes big tech co’s mission statements when they don’t pay their fair share of taxes? “Connecting the world.” “The earth’s most customer-centric co.” “Make the best products that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives.” “Organize the world’s information & make it universally accessible & useful.”   Yeah, right…  Guessed…

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Change The pace of change will never be as slow as it is todayWe over-estimate change in the near term, & under-estimate it over the long term.  Life will be pretty similar a year from now, but probably really different in 10 years.  2007 – 1st iPhone.  Today – more mobile devices than human beings….

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Cash is king.  Used in 80% of payments in Germany, 50% in UK and USA, 45% in Holland, but Sweden is becoming cashless.  €500 “Bin Laden” note (few have seen, but many recognize) being phased out by end-2018 Guessed the Word?       Series 21 (6/7)        [pic: CNN]

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  Circus Now worldwide & influences every art form: 1768 Waterloo, London – Philip Astley, entrepreneur/ showman/ acrobatic horse-rider’s 42ft circle in the ground with dazzling clowns, acrobats, strongmen, jugglers & bareback riders astounded spectators. The magic endures Guessed the Word?          Series 19 (4/7)         [pic: Peter Blake]

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Company Shareholders aren’t personally liable for company debts (The Limited Liability Act 1855). Companies House has registered British companies since 1844. The oldest still trading is The Ashford Cattle Market Co. Ltd from 1856 Guessed the Word?       Series 19 (3/7)       [pic: Pixel-mixer]

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Coin “Un-forgeable” 12-sided £1 coin issued 28 Mar has hologram, micro-lettering & hidden security feature. 15-yr old David Pearce’s design shows the English rose, Irish shamrock, Scottish thistle & Welsh leek Guessed the Word?  Series 2  (3/10)  [photo: Royal Mint]

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C-suite C-level executives are the top posts in a firm, with titles usually starting with ‘C’ (Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer). With importance, influence & high-stakes decision making, comes the danger of group think, where harmony & cohesion are valued more than accurate analysis & critical evaluation    What’s the Word? Series 1 (4/7)…